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Triple H Equitherapy Center
  • Triple H Equitherapy Center

    789 Backhaus Rd.
    Pipe Creek, TX 78063
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The Triple H Equitherapy Center provides horseback riding and driving therapy programs for children and adults with physical, mental, emotional, or learning disabilities. Triple H staff develop personal programs with goals for every rider based on individual needs and abilities. Instructors evaluate progress during each lesson. For those with physical impairments, horseback riding provides rhythmic motion replicating the human walk that improves posture, balance, coordination, and strength.

For riders with mental or learning disabilities, the horse becomes classroom and teacher to develop basic life skills and academic fundamentals. The bond that forms between horse and rider is very strong. It helps those with emotional or behavioral challenges deal with reality, learn respect and accept responsibility, thereby developing the self esteem that accompanies these accomplishments.

In 2008, Triple H will unveil the Ways of Equus Program. This program is designed to ease the transition of troubled adults and war veterans into everyday life by helping them overcome emotional challenges, psychological issues, and traumatic wartime experiences.

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