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DeltAg Formulations

The Company

DeltAg Formulations has been formulating products in row crop agriculture since 1988 & working directly with farmers for over 30 years. Our products work on ANY soil, seed or plant that you choose to apply them with. They can be used on not only row crops but food plots, a garden, house plants, lawns, trees, and really anything that grows. They are not just another fertilizer. The main ingredients in each product are amino acids, enzymes, & vitamins. They have low rates & are economical!

Our Products

Soil Solution is a formula that is designed to increase bacterial activity in soils. Better bacterial activity will increase digestion of old crop residue & build tolerance to conditions such as low pH & compaction. Seed Coat is a dry blend of organically complexed nutrients for seed applications. It is designed to provide seeds with an energy source for early emergence, strong root development & enhanced seedling vigor. Seed Coat gets more seed out of the ground & plants growing.

Plant Power is designed to be sprayed on the leaves of growing plants to aid root development, crop vigor, growth & development. Plant Power provides the growing plant with much needed vitamins & enzymes to enhance development. It increases nutrient uptake, provides healthy plant vigor, & improves stress tolerance. Also, DeltAg has a line of nutrients available if there are other concerns with nutrients of micronutrients. All products contain DeltAg "Active" Chemistry.

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