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Swine Genetic

We specialize in Boar Reproduction. Collecting Semen from the best Boars available, our liquid and frozen Boar Semen is the best in the Swine Insemination business. We offer AI equipement and products as well to ensure you have the best quality swine Insemination tools available.

Swine Genetics International, Ltd offers the ultimate in world-wide genetics through liquid and frozen semen. Success at the finish depends on where you start... With swine semen available from Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace, Hampshire, Chester White, Berkshire, Poland, Spotted, and Terminal Line breeds, why not start with SGI, a proven source of QUALITY?

Swine Genetics International Ltd.’s (SGI) primary goal is to supply top quality genetics that will improve the genetic base of our customers. We are interested in developing long term relationship with our customers so we can best serve their genetic needs. SGI can supply either liquid or frozen semen that can be shipped worldwide.

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